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    Caso Pro 3500 has only 3000 watts

    But then have you had the same issue like me? Is it normal? This is the max for Caso hobs?
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    Caso Pro 3500 has only 3000 watts

    Have you found a solution since then? Here the voltage was dropped only a few volts (232->228).
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    Caso Pro 3500 has only 3000 watts

    Hi All, I have a Caso Pro 3500 induction hob. When I measured, it only worked on 3000 watts. Is it normal? The wires in the wall are 1.5mm, so it should keep 15 amper, but when I measured, it's only 12-13... Unfortunately because of this, my 50L kettle can not reach 100 Celsius because that...
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    FINEST INDUKSJONSPLATE C35-B1 leverer kun 2.000 Watt

    Hey I have a similar issue but with Caso Pro 3500. Do you have idea what can be the root cause? I've seen people are using that here to boil 30-40 liters. My question: How do you do that? I can not boil more than 20 liters of pure water ..