30.4.-2.5.2010 1st PanBaltic Beer Enthusiasts' Meeting, Latvia

Via Vidar Johnsen fra Norøl fikk vi følgende melding:

Tikras Alus and Dzēru Alu beer blogs  present

[size=18pt]1st PanBaltic Beer Enthusiasts' Meeting

Aizpute, Latvia

April 30th - May 2nd, 2010[/size]​

The most famous beer traveler in the world Michael Jackson was petrified… Lithuanians were the first ones in the world who told him they  were putting peas into their brew to make the perfect foam, whereas in Latvia the brewer admitted  that “‘ sacks of barley were placed in a river to sprout and the grains then spread out in the sun.  ”The grains were then made into a porridge and warmed in an oven to become a loose, caramelised dough. This was placed on a bed of hops and straw in a linden barrel and sparged with hot water. The resultant liquor was not boiled but simply fermented with baker's yeast”.

After 15 years, the Northern Lithuanian, Samogitian and Latvian enthusiasts of beer brewing still keep the best secrets of home brewing as well as share modern enthusiasm for producing THE unique brew. In the age of internet, the devotees invited by the  Latvian beer lovers blogs “Dzēru alu” and Lithuanian “Tikras Alus” and art group “Serde” invite you to experience the unique brewing tradition in 2 day session in Western Latvia, near Liepāja.

We shall bring some of our own, and also make some on the spot -  as well as share some presentations and discussions on:

Characteristic of  Homebrew Traditions in Latvia and Lithuania;
Hop Varieties developed and grown in Lithuania;
Use of Herbs in Brewing presented by the Samogitian brewers;
Making of Mead in Theory and Practice;
The use of internet for exchange of ideas and brew recipes.

The total donation to cover the accommodation (2 nights) and the catering costs is estimated at 50 euros.

For more information, just contact: Atis Rektiņš:  +371 20237528 , atis.rektins@gmail.com