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Til Salgs Fresh Polish Hops - Lubelski and Pulawski

I brought some hops from my family plantation in Poland where I helped pick them last week so It's super fresh (it is dried of course). I posted this already to estimate how much I should bring but finally some people do not respond anymore so I have left some.
I have 2 types - Lubelski and Pulawski. Lubelski is called as superaromatic, I used it in almost all my brews and it's used in a lot of polish and German beers. Pulawski is considered also aromatic but many people use it for bittering. I must say as we pick it, it smells very citrus like some new Zealanders, it might be my new favorite if it will be as I think :). I am planning to do SMASH with it.

300nok for 1 kg
200nok for 0.5kg
100nok for 200gr

I have left 2kg of each (maybe little more of Pulawski).
It comes as dried hop cones in bag. Normally you use little more leafs than pellet but this is just picked so probably you have to use even less than pellet weight.
Message me if you are interested.
You can pick it up at my place in Oslo - Smeltedigelen 2 or I can try to send it.

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