Prague Homebrewing Competition 2019

[English post, sorry]

Dear fellow homebrewers,

We would like to announce that the registration form for Prague Homebrewing Competition 2019 is online! You can now register any beers that you would like to enter in the competition.

Please be sure to read the competition rules. In order to ensure smooth operations and objective judging, it is important that we adhere to the same conditions for all participants - there are just a few important points, no complicated bureaucracy.

The competition will be open to the following categories:
1) Czech Premium Lager (category 3B)
2) American Pale Ale (category 18B)
3) Witbier (category 24A)
4) Berliner Weisse (category 23A)
5) All Bret IPA (category 28A)
6) Baltic Porter (category 9C)

The competition will take place on October 12th at Vinohradský pivovar in Prague.
Judging will be conducted according to the rules of the world's largest homebrew judging and competition organization, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP). You can find all the competition details at the links below. Competition rules and updates can be found by following our FB page Prague Homebrewing Competition or the competition website Prague Homebrewing Competition 2019.

We look forward to see you (or only your samples) in Prague in October!

Sladek, part of PHC Team
Prague Homebrewing Competition 2019