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SOLGT - 3x STC-1000+

I made these up for myself, but changed my plan on fermentation temperature control, so they are for sale. They have pins added internally for easy reprogramming, the two wire temperature input terminal replaced by a three wire terminal, and surface mount resistor added for the second sensor. Running the latest version firmware.

-New with box, only opened to modify
-A400P Version 1.1 boards
-Version 1.08 firmware
-Second temperature input enabled
-Includes an extra NTC thermistor (2 temp sensors in total)

300 nok each pickup in Stavanger/Randaberg area.

Sist redigert:
If all units are sold, it would be great if you can edit the thread title to something that lets this on. That way we don't have to read through the thread to find out, and you saved us some time to find the product we are looking for.