beer tap pipes and connections

hello all,
i bought a carling extra cold lager tap from the uk which had been used so the pipes had been cut,the beer pipe(which is the only thing ill be using) is 5mm,the question i have is can i connect to this cut pipe with a new pipe or do i have to take it apart and use a new pipe straight to the tap?this would be a little difficult as the thread is not in good shape so im hoping to connect to the old one then run it to my cornelius keg (which i also need a connection for) if anyone can help as to where i can get these things ill be very happy :) the picture is of my new pub i built on the garden and the tap im talking about is on the left


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that was a brilliant help thankyou! i have just bought the connection and the pipe,couldnt find the connection from the pipe to the connector on the corny keg though (not so good in norwegian im afraid :( ) but im so pleased to get this far thanks again!!