Global YouTube (BrewTubers) Homebrewing Competition

Just to be clear, I will post this in English.  :)

I'd like to determine if there is anyone interested in participating in the 2014 SJPorr Global Homebrewing Competition.

So some of you may watch brewing videos on YouTube and know of some folks within the BrewTuber/BeerTuber community, such as SJPorr, Time4Another1, HarryBrew69, Larmo22, ClementsHomebrew, and others. We are hosting a global beer-swap competition where all brewers get to judge each others beers. In the past we have done yeast competitions, Style on Style competitions and SMaSH competitions. This year it is a "Best of Show" competition where it is style against style, and all participants get to determine the winner.

First, regional participants will get to judge each others beers. The top three beers from each region will then be sent on to all top three winners in all other regions for additional scoring. From this the winner will emerge.

Participating regions include USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and UK. Each region has hubs that receive the beers and redistributes them to all participants. How many beers each participant must send out depends on the number of participants within a specific region. So far the Europe region (including Scandinavia) has only 5 participants (2 in Norway, 1 in Sweden, 1 in Germany and 1 in Italy).

There is a lot more information about this on the facebook page, so if you are interested please check it out:
the FaceBook group: 2014 SJPorr Competition . Join the group if you are in seeing the conversation, also look under the Files tab for the Beer Review Scoring sheet.

the YouTube video explaining the basics:  Nordic / EU Hub explaining the competition

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