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Solgt/Kjøpt CraftBeerPi og ArdBir (Brauduino) PCBs


I was developing some PCB for brewing and fermenting controllers. One is ArdBir based on Arduino microprocessor and one is CraftBeerPi based on RaspberryPi mini computer.

100,- NOK incl shipping

If you want I have all components needed to finish the board (LCD, Arduino Nano, Buzzer, screw in terminals if needed, membrane keypad, resistors and other small things). For this I want 150NOK plus shipping as this will not fit to normal letter size and weight so probably 45-85NOK.

CraftBeerPi shields:
small one (it is smaller and has less outputs)
70,-NOK incl shipping

big one 4.1 (total of 6 outputs)
85,- NOK incl shipping

big one 4.2
100,- NOK incl shipping

I have also components included MP1584 module. 100NOK (of course without RaspberryPi), this can be shipping together with PCB if you do not need screw in terminals, if you do then you have to pay additional shipping ;)

I really do not have time for soldering, but if you need soldered ready board i can do it for 150NOK extra (1 working hour pay :) )

Buying this you support my development. Soon I will have ready an WiFi fermentation control ready similar to brewPi but lot cheaper. For returning buyers will have some discounts :)

I can help with configuring your controller setup and can help with any problems.
I have a github with some informations about the boards https://github.com/terragady but it is not really up to date. Will try to update repository soon.

I would say ArdBir is very fine nice cheap controller, there is new software from guy from Netherlands for it. CraftbeerPi is controller with WiFi capabilities and some other fireworks but you need to have Raspberry which is not super cheap.

You can pick it up in Oslo as well, in some cases I can accept some home made brew as a payment :)
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